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    Uchiko (also known as substrate powder)

    Uchiko is used  before the batters added to the material such as fish-cut,meat,and so on.It makes batters easy to stick  on. 
    In order to suits the different type of the finished-products,we need to add different ingredient  into the Uchiko,makes it become “Adhesive” or “Crispy”.
    Shelf life: at room temperature ( below 25 ℃) 6 months.
    Main type:
    l DF01:our main type of Uchiko, used to make the Batters strongly bounding with Panko bread crubms.
    l JDF01: it can be used as “Uchiko” and “Batters”to avoid different type powder to be wrongly used.When used as Batters,just add 150% water and blending it for 3-4 minutes .
    Procedure of the Uchiko use:

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