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Bread crumbs

Bread crumbs

    Our Bread crumbs products are used in many kind of seafood products, vegetable-processed products, meat-processed products and so on. This products comply with Japanese  and European legislative demands and standards. After frying, It become  beautiful golden colour and crispy. widely used in fried foodstuff.  

    We  supply Japanese style bread crumbs called as PANKO, and also supply European style bread crumbs.
    Recommend fry temperature: 
170℃~180℃,for 3-4minutes(according to the products size).
Shelf life:
     Wet bread crumbs should stored below 5℃,in this case, the shelf life is 7days.at below -18℃ storage house, the shelf life is 90 days. and dry bread crumbs in the case which stored in normal temprature (below 25℃), the shelf life is 180 days.
l Colour:
    Our bread crumbs colour:
    paprika colour, arnotto colour, turmeric colour,and colourless products.
    l Size:2# ~ 12#。
    l Moisture content: Wet products lessthan 35%;Dry products  lessthan 14%.
    l Crumb shape: PANKO(elongated ,sliver shaped);
    European style bread crumbs(short and crispy)。
    We can also supply mixed colour bread crumbs such as colourless products : paprika coloured products  = 50%:50% etc.
BRC Certification
    Our bread crumbs products have passed BRC Grade B which meets the requirements set out in the THE GLOBAL STANDRAD FOR FOOD SAFETY ISSUE 7: JANURY  2015.
    Please refer to the data below:

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