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Karaage Powde

Karaage Powde

    Karaage Powder is a kind of powder used in frying food. Usually it is a mixed powder made from wheat flour or corn flour (corn starch) and seasonings. It is a dry powder, so just Simply added to food materials can makes food products become good taste and crispy.

    Shelf Life: In Normal temperature(below 25 ℃) 180days.Main Product:

    l TY-02 is a fried-food use powder which the bacteria sterilized by heating method。It can meet food-export standard。Usually used in squid-legs fry, squid ring fry, and other sea-food or meat fry coating. After frying, it become taste good and crispy.

    l JTY-02:  Mainly used in chicken-fry. After frying, it become crispy and have a unique flavour.l TY-17: Price advantage products for China domestic market。

    l TY-1412: Japanese-restaurant- oriented  soy-bean- sauce flavour Karaage powder。

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