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    Laiyang Kotani Foodstuff  Co., Ltd. is a Japanese Company owned enterprise. The company registered capital is $1020000, the total investment is  $1500000. It owned about 48 staffs now.

    The company is located in Laiyang Food Industry Park Bohai Road south end. from the Laiyang Railway Station about  5 kilometers, 0.2 kilometers from the Qingdao-Yantai hjghway. from the smoke green road.
    Our main products are bread crumbs and other material for prepared food . Annual marketing turnover is about 3.3million $.
    Our main Production line and technology is imported from our Japanese parent company Kotani Syokuhin co.,ltd.
    Our production of bread crumbs and other material for prepard food can meet the standard of Japanese and other oversea customer’s use.
    Our  company's bread crumbs have fresh and dry products.the colour is yellow (red, orange, Curcumin) and so on. Depending on the size of the chip, the bread crumbs are from 2mm to 16mm.
    Our company’s production of conditioning mixed powder types are: Karaage powder, flour paste, Tempura powder etc.. Mainly for export to Japan to provide customers with classified ingredients. It can also be adjusted according to customer requirements.
BRC Certification

Our bread crumbs products have passed BRC Grade B which meets the requirements set out in the THE GLOBAL STANDRAD FOR FOOD SAFETY ISSUE 7: JANURY  2015.

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